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Laurel's Blog

A Quick & Painless Solution to a Hoarder Situation in New York
Mar - 29 - 2018

If you are ever faced with a hoarder situation in New York, it can be one of the most troublesome problems to address. Not only do you have to confront years, maybe decad

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3 Important Questions You Need to Answer Before Selling your New York Property
Mar - 21 - 2018

It is quite common for people to sell their homes without knowing exactly how to get the most bang for the buck. These three questions will help you clear-up those sellin

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Hiring a Realtor vs. Selling Directly to a New York Investor
Mar - 15 - 2018

Before you put your New York house on the market there are big decisions that you must make. Otherwise it can have unwanted financial consequences later on, once the sell

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3 Things to Consider When You Inherit a House in New York
Mar - 12 - 2018

If you inherit a house in New York, and want to sell it to convert that valuable asset into cash. That can relieve you of maintenance costs, taxes, insurance, mortgage pa

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