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How a Cash Buyer Can Help in the Case of a Divorce

Nov - 27 - 2017

Selling A Home in a Divorce:
Any divorce is difficult enough. But when you are trying to divide up assets that include a house, it can get really comp
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Pros and Cons of Selling Your Home through a Real Estate Agent versus Directly to a Wholesale Investor

Nov - 13 - 2017

If you want to sell your house, the goal is to do so in a hassle-free, quick and easy way that still lets you walk away with the most cash in your pocket. So, d
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The Nature of a Great Cash Deal

Nov - 7 - 2017

While the vast majority of real estate transactions are financed through a mortgage lender, some buyers still pay with good old-fashioned cash. And, some seller
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Why You Should Keep Insurance on Your Empty Property

Nov - 1 - 2017

Insurance on a Home for Sale?

Many homeowners immediately drop their homeowner's insurance as soon as the property is vacated. That can save you lots
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