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A Quick & Painless Solution to a Hoarder Situation in New York

Mar - 29 - 2018


If you are ever faced with a hoarder situation in New York, it can be one of the most troublesome problems to address. Not only do you have to confront years, maybe decades of accumulated clutter, but it’s emotionally and physically draining. Resolving the situation normally takes lots of time and labor. Either you must do the job yourself, or pay for someone else to do it on your behalf. That’s why a cash sale to a professional investor can save the day.

Clutter Can Be Costly

Sometimes this situation happens to New York landlords who own rental property. Then the tenant moves out or dies, and they are left with what amounts to a festering mess. Just cleaning it up can cost them whatever profits they had hoped to make. Or you may inherit a property from someone who was a hoarder and now those years of accumulated stuff are your problem to fix. Maybe a family member who had a hoarding problem was finally moved to a better living situation where they can get help. But someone has to deal with the circumstances that they left behind.

The Unexpected Costs Involved

No matter what your particular state of affairs may be, if you are responsible for cleaning out and clearing out that kind of home, it can be stressful. Years of clutter can also mean that once it is cleared away, needed repairs are revealed. Odors may linger and be expensive to remove. During that whole process, you are unable to rent out the property or sell it to a conventional buyer who uses a traditional mortgage company for financing.

A Simple and Easy Solution

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about figuring out how to remedy the situation. There are professional investors willing to offer you a fair price for the home and relieve you of all that responsibility. Investors usually prefer to do their own repairs and clean-up, so you can complete the sale without ever having to step foot inside the property, if you don’t want to. Since they also like cash sales, there is no need for a bank or mortgage company to be involved at all. Just negotiate a fair sales price and agree to an all-cash sale, which cuts out the lender as a middleman. Most investors who do this kind of deal are able to pay you within 30 days or less. Your problems are solved, with cash in your hand.

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